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The township of Semnan is confined to the limits of the township of Garmsar from east, to the township of Damqan from west, and to the north are Mazandaran province and the township of Firooz Kooh. The center of the township of Semnan is the city of Semnan which is at a distance of 221 km. from Tehran. This city lies on the route from Tehran to Khorassan province, both on the road and railway network. At the beginning of the 4th century AH., Semnan was the realm of the Al Ziyad dynasty after which the Al Booyeh dynasty ruled. In those periods the cities of Gomess were considered as part of the Daylam territory. In the year 427 AH., the Turks of Qaz, were liable for vast damages in this vicinity, and in the year 618 AH., the city was raised to shambles during the Mongol invasion. Later on, during the Safavid and Qajar eras, the city thrived once again. Today, it is a flourishing and beautiful city. Past historians have made repeated mention of the said in their records.
Attractions : 
 Ahowan Shah Soleimani Caravansary
 Ala' Citadel
 Arg Gate (Darvazeh Arg)
 Arg Southern Gate
 Chehel Dokhtar Tower
 Darol Hokumeh (Government Seat)
 Delazian Archaeological Square
 Ebrahim Khan Edifice (Molladeh Hunting Site)
 Haj Fath Ali Beig (Pamenar) School
 Hakim Elahi Tomb
 Historical Ice-Pits
 Karkhaneh Water Reservoir
 Kohneh Dej Water Reservoir
 Lasjerd Shah Abbasi Caravansary
 Nasar (Nohesar) Archaeological Hill
 Nasar Bath
 Nasar Water Reservoir
 Nokhost Bath
 Pachenar Castles
 Pahneh and Hazrat Bath
 Peer Najmedin Tomb
 Qoli Bath
 Saroo Castles
 Semnan Bazaar
 Semnan Fire Temple
 Sheikh Alaoddoleh Bazaar
 Sheikh Alaoddoleh Semnani Tomb
 Sorkheh Water Reservoir
 Water Mills
 Other Archaeological Hills, Semnan Province
 Other Caravansaries, Semnan Province
 Other Castles and Citadels, Semnan Province
 Other Historical Towers, Semnan Province
 Other Historical Water Reservoirs, Semnan Province
 Other Old Bazaars, Semnan Province
 Other Old Schools, Semnan Province
 Other Palaces and Edifices, Semnan Province
 Other Tombs, Semnan Province
 Bastam Jame' Mosque
 Hazrat Ali-ebne Ja'far Mausoleum
 Hazrat Yahya-ebne Moosa Mausoleum
 Imam Khomeini Mosque
 Payqambaran (Profets) Mausoleum
 Peer-e-Alamdar Mausoleum
 Semnan Jame' Mosque
 Tarikhaneh Mosque
 Zavqan Jame' Mosque
 Other Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Semnan Province
 Other Old Mosques, Semnan Province
 Altitudes and Summits
 Darband Cave
 Forests and Deserts
 Hava Khorsar Spring
 Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Zeid Spring
 Jowin Spring
 Kal Roodbar River
 Namak Dareh Mineral Spring
 Protected Wildlife Zones
 Semnan Thermal Springs
 Sheikh Spring (Cheshmeh Sar)
 Shoorab Mineral Spring, Sorkheh
 Talkhab Mineral Spring
 Tang-e-Roozbeh Spring
 Other Natural, Mineral and Thermal Springs, Semnan Province
 Other Rivers, Semnan Province
 Handicrafts and Souvenirs
 Local and Regional Foods
 Special Villages

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